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Every year all around Colombia, English language students, teachers and researchers from all over the country have the occasional opportunity to get together, learn and share their experiences and results of studies about English language education in their own local contexts. They also promote the creation of spaces available for the exchange, reflection, and discussion of national bilingual policies; these gatherings are commonly referred to as “ELT events”.  A few years back Colombian Accents had the opportunity to be present during the Second National Bilingualism Congress held in Armenia Quindío. There, we had the chance to talk with Luz Elena Cardona and Milagros Zapata, who were members of the group in charge of organizing this particular ELT event, which took place in Armenia, Quindío at the time. They shared with us their personal views about the main objective of these type of events and their perception about the future importance of English language usage among Colombians in everyday social settings. They also talked to us briefly about their findings in their particular research studies and experiences in general, and encouraged people to use all the free learning resources widely available online that will help them pick up and acquire the target language, while improving their communicative skills as part of a long life learning process. 

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Short biodata:

Name: Congreso Nacional de Bilingüismo
Place of Birth: Armenia, Quindio, Colombia
Occupation: Education Events

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