"This is a very good starting point"

"You know, I really think he'll be a great teacher," the father said while finishing up the enrollment formats for the TKT course his son was about to start the following week. Once the exam training course began, It only took me a few sessions to realize how much that man really knew his son. He reminded me of my dad, long before, he had made me realize that I actually enjoyed learning, sharing, and helping others, and that "Teaching is a special calling". Soon after finishing the course and getting certified, Jhon Ospina started teaching English as a foreign language and has kept on working on his professional development, afterward. Nowadays Jhon works as an English language department coordinator at a private school.

Recently, Jhon was kind enough to join us for a conversation about the unexpected pressure of working with the school community to flip their classrooms and learning processes to 100% virtual environments, his own process adapting to remote teaching and learning, the amount of overtime work most educators have had to invest during the coronavirus (COVID 19) global health crisis, and the difficulties that even members of his own circle are facing, as a consequence of the lack of media literacy and digital accessibility in our society. He also chats about the overflow of misinformation in the news cycle, uncertainties and anxieties in our immediate future, and what he is still learning about the changes and mindsets needed to succeed and what he thinks these times are what he considers a good starting point for what's coming our way.


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