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Learning English or any other foreign language can be a difficult task to accomplish, especially if you live in a country where the great majority of its people only speak their native tongue such as is the case in Colombia, whereas reported in 2013 by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism only 10 percent of the general population speaks English. In a globalized world like the one, we are currently living, English and foreign languages in general are recognized as necessary and useful communications tools to find and use information, conduct business, and most importantly to engage with people from all places.

The lack of important and necessary elements of such importance like proper levels of motivation, time available, proper and useful learning materials, opportunities to practice the target language, proper teaching support, and even self-discipline, among many other aspects, can easily become meaningful obstacles that you would have to somehow overcome if you really want to achieve your learning goals. A language teacher, translator, interpreter, tour guide, and polyglot by definition, Jose Miguel Ramirez sat with Colombian Accents and talked about his own particular learning experience and details about his road to becoming a well-recognized polyglot in Colombia. He also gave us his top five most recommended places to visit when visiting the Colombian Coffee Region and shared with us some very useful tips to learn as many languages as you would truly want.

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Short biodata:

Name: Jose Miguel Ramirez Giraldo
Place of Birth: Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia
Occupation: Language Teacher - Translator - Tour Guide - Polyglot

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