About Colombian Accents

There are many challenges one needs to overcome when learning English as a foreign language. One of those challenges in particular catches our interest when considering how to contribute to the promotion of English language learning and usage in our local context, and it’s the fact that most of the educational, cultural and commercial content learners watch, listen, read and talk about is in their native Spanish language. Now when it comes to English Language Teaching and Learning (ELT-ELL) in Colombia, most of the books and resource materials used by teachers and learners have traditionally come from abroad, it’s quite expensive and they need to be adapted to students’ needs and interests in our learning environments. 

This lack of contextualized English language learning material inspired us to create what we believe is valuable and relevant content, presented in an interesting, understandable and comprehensible way through interviews and articles aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced English language learners. Our intention is to create online digital content that offers meaningful interaction with the language as well as an opportunity to learn it.



  • Jose Ramirez

    Jose Ramirez


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